Chris Petitclerc - Financial Advisor and Educator Canada

 I am Chris Petitclerc and I am a licensed insurance agent and financial advisor and am based in Calgary Alberta, Canada. We service all of Canada and help all Canadian families, low to high net worth individuals, get financially on track. We bring Wall Street to Main street. 

Our mission is to help one family at a time. We are a 1 stop shop for most anything financial such as mortgages, most any type of insurance (travel insurance, life insurance (permanent and term), critical illness insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, pet insurance, vehicle warranty, health insurance, dental insurance, business insurance, disability insurance, etc.) as well as investments (tax shelters (corporate or individual), Investment Funds, TFSA, RRSP, GIC, RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan, RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan), etc, and retirement and estate planning. 

As an independent broker and partners with ~100 financial firms such as BMO, RBC, Manulife, Fidelity, Industrial Alliance, etc we bring the power of choice to Canadians and get them a better rate than they otherwise would get shopping around themselves. We bring financial education through a complimentary financial strategy call to discuss options, as well as financial strategies to help people achieve their financial hopes and dreams. 

From a young student just getting started in life with little savings, to a doctor, lawyer, or business owner seeking tax shelter solutions, a family looking to save for their child's college or university,  or maybe an employee who just left their company and seeking a good investment for their pension plan we can help almost everyone. In most cases, we are the best option. Why go anywhere else? Financially sharp people know "the bank" is typically not the best place to do business. 

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